The Govinda’s Sanctuary is centrally located and situated on a beautiful parcel of land featuring lush landscaping. The Sanctuary will feature:

  • Sacred Temple of Sri Sri Radha-Govinda
  • Lotus Room for yoga classes and seminars
  • Reference library with Vedic literature available via books, audio, video, and computer.
  • Lounge area with free WIFI
  • Govinda’s Natural Foods (serving vegetarian, Indian and international cuisine
  • Children’s play area
  • Gardens and meditation sites
  • Quarters for visitors and guests
  • Living quarters for students and teachers
  • Parking facility for visitors


  Since time immemorial temples served as a centers for preserving culture and as sources of spiritual inspiration. With facility for education, performing arts, religious worship, and social function, a temple is essential for preserving values and traditions from generation to generation. “Just by starting construction of a temple for the Lord, sins committed in seven births are removed. If one’s forefathers are suffering due to sinful reactions, they will be delivered.” Skanda Purana


As we get closer to construction we really need the community to help us out with expenses.  Our list of donors is growing fast.  As a result we have built a separate page in their honor.  Please click the heading Donors above to go directly to the page of donors.